Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Wedding Proposal

How did the proposal go, now that's the question.

Once upon a time, a guy took his girlfriend out for a walk and when they came to a secluded place, he got down on his knees and held a small red velvet box on his hand. The girl opened the box, she blushed and squealed with delight when saw the glittering piece of stone. The guy popped "the question" and the girl screamed at the top of her lungs, "Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeesssssss!" And suddenly there were fireworks everywhere and music started playing. And then the director said "Cut!".

Gotcha! Hahahahahaha!

I bet you're expecting me to reveal a romantic tale like that. Maybe you've been watching too many movies hahaha.:D

Ok, kidding aside, no formal wedding proposal actually took place between Donald and me.  I don't even remember the exact moment when we first discussed marriage.

But then, I guess sometimes that's how the way things go, that if two persons are truly destined to be together for the rest of their lives (and beyond), they would simply know. No need for lavish surprise, no need for expensive ring, no need for dramatic and cheesy act (lol). Somehow, their lives would just flow inevitably towards that everlasting union.

But hey, though such lack of formal proposal worked for me, I am not so sure with other girls. I guess a lot would still want to experience that "he-proposed-to-me-already-aaaaaaaaahhhhh" feeling, which I would have to agree, is a very fulfilling and happy sensation.

So, to you guys reading this, if you think you're already in that stage of wanting to settle down, it wouldn't hurt to think of creative ways to propose to your respective girls.:D 

Here are some of my thoughts. Guys, pay attention.

* Bungee jump together and while falling down, ask her "Will you take the plunge with me?". The challenge is a) for you to fight the urge to continue screaming while falling and be able to utter the question completely b) for you to be able to make her hear your question amidst her own screaming c) and for you to put the ring on her finger with poise. If you're able to do so, then....CONGRATULATIONS!

* Have your girl sit comfortably on the couch. Stand in front of her, with your back portion facing her. And then relive one of the most implemented punishment during your younger years. Spell "Will You Marry Me?" with your..............butt! Don't forget the question mark. 

* Do the proposal, planking style. Take a photo of you planking on the street, make sure the words "Will You Marry Me" are painted on your bare side. Upload it on her FB account.

* Have yourself boxed up and delivered to your girl's house. As she opens the package, get out of the box in your most "macho" way. Modulate your voice and pop the question right after she snaps out of her shocked state.

* Or you can always stick with the basic way of proposing but add a little twist. Go to your girl's house, get down on your knees but instead of directing the question to her, ask her father instead "May I marry your daughter?"

It's really up to you to decipher the best way to propose. In the end though, what matters is that you are able to achieve her sweetest and surest YES!:D

July 9, 2011.

They say, 'tis every girl's dream (consciously or subconsciously) to get married to the man she truly loves.

Once upon a time, I did have that dream too and on the 27th year of my existence, it finally came true. :)

JULY 9, 2011. That magical day. 

Never mind that it rained so hard, that it was all wet and muddy (well, what can I expect, July's indeed a month of downpour)...

Never mind that the traffic was so congested that I, along with my photo and video team, had difficulty in travelling from hotel to church, thus the sacrament had to start 30 minutes late...

Never mind that during the reception, we weren't able to go to all 30 tables to have photos taken with all our special guests as we were already called onstage for the production number...

Never mind that our beautiful cake was left at home and my father had to return to get it while the program was ongoing...

Never mind that there were lots of bloopers that only my OC self had taken note of.

Yes, I don't mind now all the factors which could have turned our wedding into a nightmarish memory especially upon seeing this wonderful evidence of people having fun and laughing their hearts out.

by Verjube Photographics

JULY 9, 2011. 
A not so ordinary day. 
A day which defied customs and norms. 
A day worth reminiscing. 
A Rated DG day.

Let me take you back to where it all began, let me put into account the progression and let me acknowledge dearly everybody who made that very special day possible.

Definitely Great.    

Donald and Golda.